New Streets, Competitive Bidding, Transparency and Minimum Wage!

We see many potholes on our Alamo city streets. The easiest solution is to continuously fix them and ultimately fix all roads to rid us of all potholes ... maintenance!

First, we need to start having competitive bidding for all projects in our city. Currently, our city only gets one bid especially on smaller projects. We need to aggressively advertise for more bids until we get at least three for every project. All businesses I talked to would welcome an opportunity for putting in a bid for any project the city is working on.

Secondly, we need to hold these businesses accountable for overages and change orders. Overages are increases in bid amounts because of unforeseen roadblocks. Change orders also can potentially increase the cost of a service that has been bid out. Any company bidding a price should have to stick to that price or get insurance to cover inclement weather or unforeseen roadblocks. Currently, invoices can run up thousands of dollars over what was originally bid.

Lastly, we need to have more transparency where our citizens can see the cost of every project. This would include bid amount and final cost. Once we do this we can hire more employees so our staff can be able to maintain our roads and our city.

The money saved will be used to increase the minimum wage for our city employees because nobody should have to live below the poverty level, especially our city employees! This plan will help maintain roads, help our city employees by raising minimum wage, alleviate fatigue and help morale. This will help all our Alamo citizens and visitors!

Let's make Alamo healthier!

Adelante Alamo is committed to making more walking trails, making more biking trails and updating our city parks!

Our Alamo families deserve nice walking trails to exercise and nice playgrounds for our children. We will be working with our parks department to get them the budget and personnel they need to accomplish this. Adelante Alamo wants Alamo to have nice parks so families can go and celebrate their birthdays and holidays in our city. Families will be able to host parties and have family BBQ's at any of our city parks.

Our swimming pool needs to be open for adults and teens to exercise. This is accomplished by designating an area for people to use to swim laps.

We are also committed to having bike trails and bike right of ways so our citizens can exercise using their bikes. It has been proven that healthy families are happy families. Families that exercise together are more motivated to do activities outside and will be healthier families. Parents and grandparents can lead by example especially when they see nice walking and biking trails.

Adelante Alamo is committed to beautifying our city and helping our citizens lead more healthy lives by providing the means to stay healthy by making more walking trails, making more biking trails and keeping our parks clean and updated.

Say No to Bullying!

I had gone to an Urban County Workshop at South Padre Island a couple of years ago and got invited to attend a dinner at a local eatery. My family and I were sitting down when a young man who looked drunk accosted me and told me he wanted to beat me up. I recognized him to be the son of an Alamo Commissioner and did not think much of it. He persisted while yelling obscenities until some of his friends grabbed him and forcibly removed him from the restaurant. I did not think much of it and left it as someone who had had too much alcohol. It wasn't until we were driving home and one of my sons asked me if I was going to be OK, that it dawned on me that my life could have been in danger for I did not know if the young man had a gun or a knife. It would be the first time that I would get bullied as a public official. Knowing what I know now, I should have called the police and pressed charges for assault on a public official.

It would be several years later that I again get bullied by the same family, this time by the mom. I had just talked at a campaign forum and had told everyone about my history of being a migrant farm worker and my poor childhood. The lady comes after me and says that everyone has sad stories and hardships, why was mine any different. I felt a dagger pushed into my heart because the lady had been my counselor in elementary school and knew my history of migrating and knew my history of my father being mugged and killed when I was ten. She also knew how poor my family had been and how we struggled with school clothes and medical help. I lost the last bit of respect I had for this person. Had politics changed her this much?

I heard Ivanka Trump the other day complain about politics being so unexpectedly vicious. I agree with Ivanka as I never thought I would be experiencing all this bullying. My wife and kids have not gone unscathed as many of them have been attacked also. During one of my campaigns, my wife received an anonymous letter through the mail from a coward telling her that I had had a baby with another woman. The woman named in the letter was a family friend. The letter went on to say that the woman and I had aborted the child. My wife was mortified at how dirty politics had gotten in Alamo. We had gone to a city event one day and one of my political opponents not only refused to shake my hand but also refused to shake my daughter's hand. My daughter was devastated as she had never experienced that. I am proud of Chelsea Clinton defending Barron Trump for being bullied. Why the children? I hear you Ivanka and know firsthand how dirty politics can be.

My point is that we should never condone bullying of any form especially political bullying on the children. I have always run for an office on all the community service I participate and business savvy I have learned. Political candidates should run on their own merits and ideas to help their community excel. I am not a politician but rather a business man and a philanthropist. I have some good ideas on helping my city prosper and at the same time helping out the needy families around us while at the same time lowering our taxes and lowering our water bill.

I ask for your support this coming October as I vie for the position of City of Alamo Commissioner Place 1.
Adelante Alamo!

Adelante Alamo wants to bring the outdoors to Alamo!

We are dedicated to bringing more bike trails for our residents and updating all our parks. This is easily done by making bike trails along major roads in Alamo including Rudy Villarreal Road, Tower Road and Business 83 to mention a few. It is by allowing dedicated spaces to bikes that we can promote bike riding and also improve the health of our citizens. We are currently allowing many of our parks to go into disarray. We should be increasing the budget for our Parks and Recreation Department to allow them to hire the manpower and buy the supplies needed to maintain our parks.

These things will not only add beauty to our city but will also increase property values for our residents.

Vote Adelante Alamo this November 7th! Vote for a Greener Alamo!

For voter registration, donations or volunteering contact Nellie Medina at 956-460-4983 or Trino Medina at 956-460-4978 or Diana Casares at 512-920-8677

I Am Not a Politician!

Last year around this time I had been approached to run for a position as a trustee on our local school district. I was a bit surprised but flattered to be asked to run by some of my colleagues for this position. I had just lost my election for mayor the previous year and had been through a brutal election where I was dragged through the mud along with my family. I really thought about calling it quits for politics as I really am not a politician and did not enjoy the "dirty" campaigning my opponent had used. I don't think I ever found a truth in all the rhetoric that was used against me through the media, rotocalls and home visits. I had seeked the counsel of my pastor and several of my more experienced friends in politics and they convinced me to stay on the high road and stay on message with a positive campaign. I never said a negative word and never criticized my opponents. As I pondered about running again, I came to the conclusion that by not participating in my local government I would be allowing corrupt individuals to not only run our city but also not allow the growth and prosperity that my children and all the Alamo children deserve. This is the main reason I decided to run again for a city council position.

Two years ago when I was running for mayor, I received a phone call from the Texas State Medicaid office that I had been reported to them by an individual and they needed to do an audit. I had closed my pharmacy two years prior so it did take me aback that they wanted to do an audit on me and my business because they had received a phone call from a person claiming I had done something wrong. It must have been someone important. If you have ever owned a medical business before, you would know that they had me pulling paperwork from ten years prior and thus I began my audit. One month after the State started auditing me, I received a phone call from the IRS that they were also going to audit me. Imagine the time and money used to undergo both a state Medicaid audit and an IRS audit at the same time I was running a campaign for mayor. I have yet to find out who made the calls and why people would be so vicious to try to destroy another person trying to run for an office. My goal was to make sure all local politicians were being transparent and they apparently were trying to make sure I was too. I continue to ask myself why were they working so hard to keep me away from the city council? Needless to say, my IRS audit showed everything in order as my CPA had everything they needed. The IRS audit ended a month after my campaign loss. Two months after my loss, I get a call from the State Medicaid office advising me that I should have never needed to be audited to begin with. I had closed my pharmacy several years ago, so they never needed to audit me. Call it fishy, call it what you want. I call it what it is, corruption at its best. This my friends is why a lot of you that are good, honest candidates don't want to run for office and I don't blame you. It is not for the faint at heart, but I do urge you to try to consider it. We need to stop corruption not acquiesce and let it fester.

A week before early voting, an article appeared in the local newspaper about me hiring a felon to help with my campaign. The story was obviously aimed at putting doubt on my integrity. Before I continue with this story, I need to go back four months before my election loss. This was the day we got the first visit from a phantom, I have yet to confirm what or who it was, that started ringing our door bell at 2 or 3 in the morning. I was working nights at the hospital most of the times, so imagine the concern I had when my wife would call me at this time to tell me of the constant door ringing and when she would get to the door, there would no one at the door. This continued for several weeks. There was only one solution and that was to get cameras all around my house. I happened to be home the first night the door bell rang at 3 in the morning after the cameras were installed. It woke all of us up, including my mom that had met me at the door with her walker, I thought in my mind, "I finally got them!" Imagine my surprise when I see a police officer at my door! I was unnerved! According to the police, my alarm had gone off. I verified with the alarm company the next day and no, No alarm had gone off! That was the last time we heard from our phantom. By this time, I was a bit nervous for my safety and that of my family, but it gets better. That article in the paper had been from an interview from a local police officer. What was going on? I just wanted to be a good steward for my city! I was a bit disappointed with the newspaper for publishing the falsehood but realized that most people would never doubt the credibility of a police officer.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I think it time that I let you know what I have gone through to try to keep people honest and increase transparency in our local government. I thought things like this only happened in dictatorship governments. I am waiting for my opposition to throw the next slew of mudslinging that will be coming my way and yes your way too. I am hoping my story will help open the eyes of people not aware of how "dirty" some people will become to maintain control and to hide their corruption. I have talked about the money being mismanaged through the EDC and hope you agree that no person having a loan from the city coffers should be running for office. Especially people that are getting their business property taxes paid for with our money! Can you see the obvious conflict of interest? Please help me in stopping these individuals continue their ridiculing of you and me! Please register to vote and exercise your right to STOP THE CORRUPTION!

Political Ad paid for by candidates | Nellie Medina, Treasurer | 809 E Ridge Rd., Alamo, TX 78516