Trinidad "Trino" Medina

It has always been my dream to have an Alamo where all of the citizens have opportunities to do well for themselves. I want to be able to give my community the tools to excel through education and hard work.

My parents were Mexican immigrants that came to Texas for a better life when they were young. They started their family in Alamo and instilled in all of us that hard work and dedication would always lead to success and happiness. My father passed away when I was 10 and left my mother to raise 9 children. My mom did a fantastic job of encouraging us to continue on to college. It is because of her constant support that I received my Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from UT Austin in December of 1990. I currently work as a Clinical Staff Pharmacist at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance and as a Clinical Staff Pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy.

I am the husband to Nellie and father to Kristian, Kelsey, Kody and Kaitlyn. I am the son of Socorro Medina and brother to Mary, Ricardo, Tina, Coqui, Diego, Marcelino and Raul.

After college, I came back to Alamo and became a founding Board Member of the Boys & Girls Club of Alamo which later merged with the San Juan Boys & Girls Club. I continue to be an active Board Member and offer help through fundraisers and advice to the club.

As a young college student, I was introduced to the Lions Club organization. They gave me the opportunity to become a camp counselor at their special needs camp. This past year, I was instrumental in bringing the Lions Club back to Alamo and was voted as their current president. It has been great working with this great service organization.

I opened my pharmacy in 2009, was voted as the Business of the Year and was asked to be a Board Member on the local Alamo Chamber of Commerce. I started raising money for scholarships through our chamber and also helped promote our great city.

I have been involved with many organizations in our community. I have been a member of the Resurrection Catholic church in Alamo all of my life. I find that church is always a relaxing place to pray and reflect in how God has helped me provide so much help for many families. Four years ago I was asked by Father Rene Angel to serve on our Finance Board to help with fundraising and decision making for our wonderful parish.

Five years ago I was asked to be a board member on the PSJA Business Coalition which later became the PSJA Education Foundation. This nonprofit organization was established to unite business people with educators to help assure more of our students have the money to go to college. We raise money not only for scholarships but also to help promote reading through our Summer Reading Program and with teacher mini grants to help our teachers with new ideas on teaching.

I continue to serve my community.
Two years ago I was attending a dinner with Bishop Daniel Flores when he asked me to volunteer as a San Juan Nursing Home Board Member. I was humbled to be asked to be a part of assuring the safety of the residents and financial stability of such a great nursing home. The staff there does a great job of helping our elderly with their needs. I have seen how Alamo would also benefit from a nursing home and have actively started working on bringing one to our city. The Senior Companion Organization recently asked me to become a Board Member. I was also humbled by being asked as I continue to try to help all our elderly from our community and knew this was a great organization to help me with this goal.

Even though I don't have any children that play sports at PSJA Memorial High School, I have been a member of the PSJA Memorial Wolverine Quarterback Club for the past five years. I have helped fundraise money for scholarships for our football players and our cheerleaders. I try to help all athletes make sure they have the money to attend college including sponsoring running, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, band, dazzlers, drama and many other activities.

I was a Commissioner for the City of Alamo for four years. I have enjoyed being able to make a difference in my community by representing one of the best little cities in the Valley. I was able to do many things as City Commissioner. I was instrumental in raising our minimum wage for our employees and have worked hard in bringing new businesses to our city. I have helped our current businesses by inviting other councils, politicians and friends to visit and to have meetings in our town. I was instrumental in starting the beautification and events committees. These were formed to identify places that need cleaning and to have more events for our people in Alamo like the Watermelon Festival.

I have tried to assure that our entire city has the proper drainage and water infrastructure like Plena Vista and Country Living Subdivisions and soon Bonita Estates.

I have attempted to lower taxes in our city. I have pushed for my own new businesses in our city. I have identified streets that need work in our city and will continue to push for their fixture.

The New Vision is not something made up by a few people running for office but rather a community vision from all the people that have voiced out their concerns and needs. These include working on infrastructure, raising money for charities, raising money for scholarships, raising our minimum wage, helping our elderly, helping our veterans, bringing in more businesses and lowering our taxes. We need to have a comprehensive master plan to identify streets with drainage and water issues then tackle each starting from the most needed areas and working ourselves through the plan. This must be done as a five, ten and twenty year plan to assure our cities growth and prosperity for our posterity.

The New Vision will continue to raise money for charities through the many organizations in our city including church and school organizations. These organizations should be helped by our city in any way possible to expand their services, raise more money for scholarships and to help our community. The minimum wage for our city employees should be increased. We need to provide a good living wage for all our employees and assure that no city staff is living in poverty or struggling to pay their bills.

The New Vision is about starting a new office to help our elderly and our veterans deal with any kind of hardship including medical expenses, medical appointments and other needs. Many elderly and veterans need help and we have many organizations that can team up with our city to provide the help they need. These coalitions will assure they receive the help these two populations in our city need. I will continue to work hard to bring in more businesses in our city including my own. I will continue to attempt to bring in an adult day care for elderly and veterans.

Finally, the New Vision includes lowering taxes to offset the recent appraisal adjustments. It includes trying to find a good way to balance taxes, wages and infrastructure. Many of our citizens in Alamo live in poverty or are on fixed incomes and they need the tax relief to help them keep their homes and to get the tax relief everyone so desperately needs. The New Vision includes giving back to our community in many ways. It is a vision of making our city more attractive to businesses and to people wanting to live here and to our current businesses and residents.

The New Vision is about helping with infrastructure, education, elderly, beautification, veterans, employees and taxes to move Alamo Adelante!

Roberto "Mailman" De La Garza

The Importance of Service before Self

As a lifelong resident of Alamo, I've witnessed first-hand the benefits of community service. Quite often, community service is overlooked as a contributing factor to a thriving and vibrant town. While the brunt of the responsibility for community development may seem to fall on city leaders, citizens are also in the position to do their part. In my role as your city commissioner, I urge you to join a service organization.

My community service began many years ago with my involvement in youth sports. Throughout the years I've made it a goal to volunteer my time with various organizations. Currently, I am involved with the Alamo Lions Club. Since its inception in 2015, the Alamo Lions Club has initiated service projects such as the Christmas Toy Drives, cemetery clean-ups, provided school supplies to children in need and awarded scholarships to deserving students.

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can make volunteering appear like a daunting task. When it seems like there just aren't enough hours in a day for ourselves and our families, it may seem nearly impossible to carve out time for someone else. However, community service isn't solely about the hours logged but about the impact it can have on someone, on a family, on a city. Involvement with service projects can provide a sense of pride and allows you to become invested in your community. New friendships are often a result of gathering with a group and seeing the project at hand come to fruition. Satisfaction may be gained from simply spending the afternoon tutoring a child or teaching someone how to ride a bike.

The impact volunteerism has on a community can have positive long-lasting effects and will surely strengthen bonds within it. We must remember that every person matters and everyone can make a difference.

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