The New Vision is not something made up by two candidates running for office, but rather a community vision from all of the people that have voiced out their concerns and needs.
These include:
✔ Transparency in City Government
✔ Lowering Our Taxes
✔ Fixing Our City Of Alamo Roads
✔ Raising Money For Charities and Scholarships
✔ Mandatory Competitive Bidding
✔ Helping Our Elderly and Our Veterans
✔ Attracting Winter Texans
✔ Develop Bike and Hike Trails
✔ Providing Water and Sewer
✔ Brush Recycling
✔ Use of Renewable Energy Sources in City Buildings
✔ Raising Our Minimum Wage For All City Employees
✔ Utilize Chamber of Commerce to Promote Local Merchants
✔ More Green Areas, Beautification Projects, Graffiti Removal

We believe that Alamo has the potential to be One Of The Greatest Cities In Texas!
It is our desire to help move Alamo to this standard through improvements in neighborhoods, economic development and recreational opportunities, so that Alamo is truly a community where people want to live.

We encourage all citizens of Alamo, Texas to register to vote, then volunteer to help us get the word out about this New Vision we have of Alamo's Future. And then lastly VOTE in the November elections!